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Last Modified: January 11, 2022

USERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO PROVIDE THEIR CONSENT BEFORE USING OUR BUSINESS WEBSITE. By using our website “www.amco-carrier.com”, you signify complete agreement with these stated terms and conditions.

We recommend you to stop using this website if you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions. Any individual under 13 is strictly prohibited from using or accessing this website. We encourage users to keep visiting this Terms and Conditions page regularly to stay updated with our modifications. Users can track the changes by viewing the “Last Modified” section on the top left corner of this page. Constant use or access to this website signifies your consent with our current Terms and Conditions.

We hold the right to permanently or temporarily terminate your access to this website or services acquired through this website without a prior notice if we find any violation of these Terms and Conditions from you.


Restrictions on Use of the Site

This website belongs to AM|CO Carrier Inc. and is operated from United States of America. We hold no responsibility for the applicability of the material on this site in other locations. Users of this website directly signify their compliance with these restrictions set forth by AM|CO Carrier Inc.:

  1. Copying or distributing any part of this site for your personal interests.
  2. Using robots or any other automated tool to increase the number of requests sent to AM|CO Carrier Inc.
  3. Collecting any piece of personal identifiable information (PII) from this website for your personal interests.
  4. Uploading any malicious data or viruses through this site.
  5. Providing us with fake or fraudulent information.
  6. Getting unauthorized access to this site through the aid of dedicated tools or software.

Your access to this site would immediately be terminated if we find you directly or indirectly involved in any of these above-mentioned restrictions.


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AM|CO Carrier Inc. takes no responsibility for the content that users may access through this website. We clearly state that our sole website “www.amco-carrier.com” is our medium to interact with our users and collect their information. All other websites and platforms which you may visit through this website are independent of this site. We cannot be held accountable in case of any mismanagement or privacy violation caused by these third-party websites.



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