Distribution of goods

As a contact for sales logistics or for „goods distribution“, we are there for you when you need to ship industrial goods from your location to your customer’s. With our service we build the bridge between you and them.

Get rid of the cost-intensive and personnel-intensive task of designing, managing and monitoring all processes of the distribution. Outsource now to AM | CO Carrier Inc. to say goodbye to headaches resulting from this topic.

We are happy to take care of the market supply and concerns of your customers.

Digitally up to date

With the latest software and a strong team, we coordinate all activities of the flow of goods and can thus intervene in a targeted manner and make processes more efficient. We are happy to take over the processes of transport, transshipment and order picking as well as warehousing (TUL for short) for you.


Reliable deliveries

Consistent & Innovative

A business proposal tailored to your needs

Personal support

Revolution of Process

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